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Our Story

Arenac: "A sandy place for a good footing," that's what Henry Rowe Schoolcraft observed of the area when he named it after the combination of "arena" referring to the sand in the Coliseum in Italy that provided a better footing for gladiators, and "ac" for "place of."

Located at the bottom of Saginaw Bay on Lake Huron this area has long been inhabited, with 5000 year old Native American artifacts being found. The Rifle, Au Gres, and Pine Rivers made for excellent fishing and canoeing routes for both the Ottawa Indians and early settlers to the area including Captain J.P. Phillips and John Lentz, who started a sawmill in 1856.

Arenac County organized in 1883 during the lumber boom, keeping to it's name in providing settlers a "good footing" for starting out. Arenac County today remains a popular resort area, with plenty of canoeing, hunting, and fishing. Standish, the county seat, is known as a supply headquarters for those traveling up North.

The Rifle, Au Gres, and Pine River's continue to be favorite canoeing, rafting, and fishing sports Providing ample opportunity for trout, Chinook, Coho, 'Suckers, and Smelt. With miles of Saginaw Bay shoreline Arenac County offers challenging Lake Huron fishing and boating. The Au Gres area a marina on Lake Huron. Camping and swimming are also available at many inland sites and parks.


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Video Surveillance Policy:      Video Policy 2015                                                  The County is not necessarily watching the camera monitors at all times...there is not to be an expectation of protection, just because the video surveillance equipment is installed in the buildings.

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Ricky Rockwell
  Arenac County Clerk   P.O. Box 747   Standish, MI 48658   989-846-4626
Dennis Stawowy
  Arenac County Treasurer   P.O. Box 637   Standish, MI 48658   989-846-4106

Darlene Mikkola

  Arenac County Register of Deeds   P.O. Box 296   Standish, MI 48658   989-846-9201


  Arenac County Equalization Director   P.O. Box 754   Standish, MI 48658   989-846-6246
Jeff Trombley
  Arenac County Drain Commissioner   P.O. Box 747   Standish, MI 48658   989-846-2011


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The Financial Summary contents are intended as a means to provide transparency and accountability to the citizens of Arenac County regarding the municipal budget and finances. Within this site, you will find summarized and detailed information for multiple years including both tabular and graphical representations of the data.   “click here” 


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