City of AuGres                                                 City of Standish

124 W. Huron St.                                             399 E. Beaver St.

AuGres, MI 48703                                           Standish, MI 48658

989-876-8811                                                                                                  989-846-9588

Mayor Lavern Dittenber                                   Mayor Mark Winslow

Meets 1st Tuesday every month @ 7 pm          Meets 3rd Thursday every month @ 6 pm

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AuGres Chamber of Commerce:                      Standish Chamber of Commerce:                      


City of Omer                                                    Village of Twining                                

201 E. Center St.                                             311 W. Main St.

Omer, MI 48749                                              Twining, MI 48766

989-653-2566                                                 989-867-4688

Mayor Alice Sproule                                        President Donald Ferguson

Meets 2nd & 4th Tuesday @ 7 pm                  Meets 3rd Wednesday of month @ 7:00 pm.




Village of Sterling                                              Village of Turner

137 E. Main St.                                                109 W. Main St.

Sterling, MI 48659                                           Turner, MI 48765

989-654-3456                                                                                                  989-867-4707

President James Hazeltine                                 President Justine McGraw


Town of Alger (see Moffatt Twp.)

7842 Newberry

Alger, MI 48610


Twp. Supervisor Lee Chard

Meets 3rd Monday every month @7 pm