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Conservatorship; is an individual or an organization appointed by the court to manage the estate of an individual, whether a minor or an adult.  MCL 700.1103 (h).  A conservator may be needed if the individual is unable to manage property and business affairs effectively for reasons such as mental illness, mental deficiency, physical illness or disability, chronic use of drugs, chronic intoxication, confinement, and detention by a foreign power or disappearance.  A conservator is a fiduciary and thus must account to the court regarding the management of the person's property.

Appointment may be required if a child inherits money, a minor is injured and is to receive money from a judgment or settlement, or other reasons.

Guardianship; a guardian is a person appointed by a probate court and given power and responsibility to make certain decisions about the care of another individual.  This decision might include treatment decisions or where the individual should live.  The guardian may have the power to make an informed decision on behalf of the individual regarding; receiving, continuing, discontinuing, or refusing medical treatment.

The Arenac County Public Guardian's office cannot solicit clients.  The client must be referred by a family member, adult protective services or other concerned party.  The family member or Department of Human Services, adult protective services would apply to probate court and request a public guardian for the individual.  Only the probate court can appoint a client to the guardian's office.

Both Arenac County guardians are part time and work twenty hours per week.  However, they are on call 24/7 should a client have an emergency.  The guardian's office has a full time coordinator who directs the client's request to the proper guardian and handles other necessary job duties and accountability of client's funds.  The office is under the supervision of the Board of Commissioners.



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